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Roosevelt University

15th January, 2009. 11:49 pm. New Roosevelt Community(girlindenim)

Since the moderator of this community is no longer a LJ member, I decided to create a new community which I hope will be more active.


I hope to see you all there!

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30th October, 2007. 7:32 pm. Honest Opinion(girlindenim)

Honestly, what do you think of Roosevelt? I keep hearing really bad things...

I am planning to start in January, but now I'm having doubts. I also was accepted to DePaul...which whould you choose?

I'm a Journalism major.

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7th August, 2007. 1:24 pm. Call for Artists(nightlite)

Benton House, a non-profit community center in Bridgeport, is hosting our 5th annual arts and music festival, called the Meme Festival, on August 25th, 2007, from 10 am to 6 pm. The festival will be held rain or shine, in and around Bosley Park, using our indoor location if necessary. The festival will feature dozens of local artists (like you!), bands like Cookies and Dirt, On We, and the Alleyways, bellying dancing by Read by Hips, Hips, a puppet show by Jamison Boudreau, and much much more!

We are seeking artists to sell their work at the Festival.

For a small fee of $50, any artist may rent an 8X4 ft table for the entire day, where you may sell  your original work. We take absolutely no commission from sales, so any profits you make are yours to keep. We are interested in any and all types of artwork! The only restriction is that all work displayed at your table must be for sale. Artists should also bring their own tablecloths. All proceeds from the festival (table fees, donations, etc.) will go directly to improving Benton House's youth programs. Please act quickly, as we are looking to fill a maximum of 30 tables, and the deadline is fast approaching. For more information about the festival and about artist registration, or if you have any questions, please e-mail amanda@bentonhouse.org. For more information about Benton House, please log on to www.bentonhouse.org.

Benton House is located at 3052 S. Gratten, Chicago, IL 60608.

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3rd October, 2006. 8:45 pm.(ilovemeganm)

I am 18, thinking of transferring in next fall to Roosevelt (Chicago campus). I have been to the school and UC, I want to study music and it looks just amazing. My only worry is the cost. I found this page http://www.roosevelt.edu/financialaid/tuition.htm

does that mean that it is 11,000 for the year or 11,000 PER SEMESTER? that would come to 22,000 plus dorm. !! If anyone is clear about the cost of Roosevelt, please let me know. Thanks.

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4th August, 2006. 11:19 pm.(flam217)

hi, i'm ally.

i start at roosevelt this year.

do you guys like it there?

Current mood: bored.

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8th April, 2006. 5:25 pm.(whoisschmitty23)

So this is going to sound like a stupid question, but when the site says that a certian major will take say 33 semester hours to graduate, how does this apply to the tution chart that goes up to 19 semester hours? Silly question I know, but need it for figuring how much tution might be. Thanks!

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6th April, 2006. 6:48 pm. Journalism at Roosevelt(whoisschmitty23)

Hey everyone,
I'm new here, my name's Michael, and I've been considering going to Roosevelt to study journalism. Is anyone here majoring in journalism? What's the program like? Would you rate it better/worse/the same as Columbia? Would you recommend going to Roosevelt to get an education in journalism? Any help would be awesome. Thanks alot!

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4th April, 2006. 10:40 pm.(lismariemoh)

Hey, I'm Lisa, 18, from Cincinnati, and now that I've been accepted (and waitlisted at Berklee) I'm seriously looking at Roosevelt/CCPA for jazz vocals.

So, naturally, I have some questions.
what kind of reputation does roosevelt/CCPA have? i want to know if there's a sterotype of the students or how its viewed by other students
are most of the people who go to roosevelt/ccpa from the chicago area?
Which is the better dorm?
I'm thinking the university center - esp since it has practice rooms for music students. it looks so perfect kinda and i want to know what its like.
Is a premium room better than the regular ones? I think I heard that premium had wireless and thats nice for me, but I was wondering if it made that much of a difference.
I heard that roosevelt is a dry campus...is that true? I'm no alcoholic, but finding out it was a dry campus kinda surprised me.

...i can't think of any more questions...haha i might edit this later.
i just want to really know what roosevelt is really like.
feel free to im me (L15A7)

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14th March, 2006. 9:57 am.(n_h_bomb)

i just auditioned to transfer to r u a few weeks ago. i am a jazz drum major and i was wondering if anyone on this thing is also a jazz drum major and what they could tell me about the program and paul wertico. thanks.

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7th March, 2006. 11:32 am.(faeriewingz1888)

Hey, I'm a highschool senior. I've auditioned for the BFA acting program and I'm really interested in the school. If any of you are in the acting program or know someone who is, if you could maybe send me an email at leighr@rochester.rr.com I would definitely appreciate talking to one of the students. I've talked with Sean Kelly, the freshman acting teacher, and he seems really enthusiastic and wants me to talk to some students so I can get a better feel of the program. Thanks!
--Leigh Ryan

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